Pretty in pink, indeed!

Ran into this tree with colored pink lights yesterday by the flood dam wall in Wyoming.

Or it sure seemed that way. It doesn’t come across in the photo but, in actuality, the almost indescribably beautiful pink of the emerging silver maple buds is a truly wonderful sight to behold.

And along with beauty, the buds of the silver maple are an important sliver maple budssource of food for squirrels in the spring.

The leaves contain the toxic alkaloid gramine.

The silver maple can be hybridized with the red maple to produce the Freeman Maple. It

has leaf shape and growth patterns in between the two species. The trees are healthy and sometimes used as ornamentals, but they do not usually reproduce.

It is one of the most rapidly growing trees in the forests of the eastern U.S. Due to this fast growth rate and tolerance of pollution they are often planted in urban areas. However, their wood is brittle and easily damaged.

Author: luzerne2112

As I get older -- and I'm 70 now -- I seem to find more and more that nature is the true source of peace, inspiration and, most of all, the truth the passeth understanding. Though my knowledge is sketchy and superficial, I wanted to share it while I can.

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