Humanity again shows its dark side, even mugwort looks wonderful by comparison


They finally said it was MY problem because their engineers had told them that all the messages were going to my spam folder and that’s why I hadn’t seen them.

Only problem was I DISABLED my spam filter last year and had proof to show them. So, suddenly, I’m getting  the emails again but even better, while there normal acceptnce rate has been about one for every ten posted, now they’re taking almost anything…gee what a coincidence. So while they are, I gotta get pics from the last three outings out before they change again.

This is mugwort, which appears in long, long columns all over the Forty-Fort soccer complex. Undierside of leaves are silver and a good field mark.

Mugwort is an herb commonly linked to magic and has been used since ancient Roman times. Known botanically as Artemisia vulgaris, Mugwort is a leafy shrub in the Daisy family. It has many pseudonyms: Felon Herb, St. John’s Plant, chrysanthemum weed, and mugwort wormwood.

Author: luzerne2112

As I get older -- and I'm 70 now -- I seem to find more and more that nature is the true source of peace, inspiration and, most of all, the truth the passeth understanding. Though my knowledge is sketchy and superficial, I wanted to share it while I can.

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