A little late…hell, a lot late…

catVerizon router problems all day so this is late, but since only one or two people are looking at it every day it hardly matters.

But I’ve made a commitment that I’m going to post every day and I am. Maybe with time this will evolve into something I give more time to and ruminate here at length but for right now it’s going to be what it says: One nature moment, no matter how tiny, every day.

So here’s the catbrier that managed to rip my shins apart at Deep Hollow the other day. Nasty little guy…

Having just walked through this jungle of catbrier — in shorts, of course– I think its thorns are sharper than normal.

catbrier Smilacaceae Smilax glauca Walter Listen to the Latin symbol: SMGL
Leaf: Alternate, simple, parallel veined, oblong to narrowly cordate, 2 to 4 inches long, green or variegated with pale patches above, whitened beneath.
Flower: Small and greenish-yellow, in clusters appearing in late spring to early summer.
Fruit: Dark blue to nearly black berries covered with glaucous bloom, occur in clusters, 1/3 inch in diameter.
Twig: Slender, round, green and often covered with a white waxy bloom, prickles weak, tendrils present.
Bark: Greenish brown becoming discolored with age.
Form: A climbing vine.
Looks like: saw greenbrier – laurel greenbrier – common greenbrier – bristly greenbrier
leaf flower fruit twig bark form1 map
Additional Range Information: Smilax glauca is native to North America. Range may be expanded by planting. See states reporting catbrier.
More Information: Fall Color
External Links: USDA Plants Database






Author: luzerne2112

As I get older -- and I'm 70 now -- I seem to find more and more that nature is the true source of peace, inspiration and, most of all, the truth the passeth understanding. Though my knowledge is sketchy and superficial, I wanted to share it while I can.

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