Short post after day of #_#”@_@ car problems.

Nothing like the hush of a totally dead battery to get the day off to a rotten start. Especially since the AAA guy who started the car said the battery was fine. What fun!  Trying to find the one wire or whatever that is causing this could take months, as it once did about 30 years ago with a Subaru when the problem turned out to be — yep, a single wire. Oh well. On to sweeter things.

Found this sweet little orchid in the mire at Deep Hollow. Tiny but beautiful.

Nodding Ladies’ Tresses.
Other Common Name: Common Ladies’ Tresses; Ladies’ Tresses Orchid

Family: Orchidaceae (orchids)

Description: Nodding ladies’ tresses, in bloom, is a slender green stalk with small white orchid flowers arranged in a spiral. Flowers are white with a pointed lip, arranged in a spiral around the stem, about 1/4 to 3/8 inch long, and each points slightly downward. Flowers usually have a “lily of the valley” fragrance. Blooms August–November. Stem leaves are few, very narrow, clasping the flowering stem. The basal leaves have usually disappeared before the flowers appear.

There are six other Spiranthes species found in Missouri; one, shining ladies’ tresses (S. lucida), flowers in May–Jnoddingune and is restricted to fens and seeps in the Ozark and Ozark Border regions; the other five bloom in late summer and fall.

Size: Height: to 18 inches

Author: luzerne2112

As I get older -- and I'm 70 now -- I seem to find more and more that nature is the true source of peace, inspiration and, most of all, the truth the passeth understanding. Though my knowledge is sketchy and superficial, I wanted to share it while I can.

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